"Fashion is the armour to survive everyday life"
Bill Cunningham 

Fashion is a weapon; use it wisely

The Blog

Armoured Girl is a fashion blog with a difference. Instead of posting glamorous photos of myself in fantastically stylised outfits, it discusses all topics around fashion - from the innovators of fashion, to those who dictate the trends, to the inventions that forever altered the fashionable world, as well as movies, books and documentaries that give us unprecedented views into the world we love.

The Philosophy

The philosophy of the blog is simple: fashion is both the armour and the weapon we use to survive modern life. Think about it; the power of an LBD to make you feel sexier than Scarlett Johansson, or how a bikini can make you feel like the next Elle McPherson. Clothing and fashion has incredible powers over us and can make us feel so much more than we are. It can build us up when we want to crash down and this is the philosophy Armoured Girl follows.  

The Author

Armoured girl is written by Courtney, a twenty-four year old, Melbourne based woman who cannot close the doors to her wardrobe due to all the clothes in there! A fashion addict at heart, Courtney's day job has nothing to with the fashion world and is a place where wearing more than jeans and a t-shirt is considered over-dressing. She is one of only three women at her work who wear heels - they can always hear her coming. 

Courtney's fashion taste extends to haute couture but it limited by her bank account. She is an eBay queen often picking up designer and vintage pieces for a fraction of the cost. You'd most regularly find her in Sass + Bide jeans, a simple black top, short black boots or leopard print loafers, with a necklace from Tiffany's around her neck and half a dozen bracelets or rings on her fingers. She has so many bags it's near impossible to predict which one she'll use on a daily basis, but her favourite is a pink Chanel chain bag she picked up at an op shop.

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