Monday, September 29, 2014

Fashion Editorial: Collections II

Since I was so slack the past little while...prepare for fashion editorial overload!

After my post yesterday about Louise Parker's photos I went on a hunt for fashion editorials of hers that I love.

This editorial is from Dazed Autumn 2014, photographed by Charlie Engman and styled by Karen Langley, staring (of course) Louise Parker!

What I love about this editorial is the movement be it either the in the fashion itself or in the gatorade (you'll see in the photos). What I don't like about this editorial though is the fashion itself. I like parts of the outfits but it is sport luxe - a style I do not appreciate at all.

 These photos make you stare at them. The movement puts the clothes in interesting shapes and lets you see them from different angles. 

 Who knows why she'd be running with an open gatorade in 3.1 Phillip Lim, but it does make an awesome photo. 

As you can see, it's very much an urban sport-luxe style which is not my taste. Runners, even if they are designer made, are not my fashion choice. 

If you don't know what sports luxe is, essentially is the trend of wearing gym-like clothing including leggings, yoga gear, runners - basically if you look like you've just left the gym or could head there after work, then that's sport luxe. To be totally honest, in terms of fashion as armour I do not agree with sports luxe at all. I wear the clothes that fit into "sports luxe" when I don't want other people to see me!!

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