Sunday, September 28, 2014

Louise Parker Photography

Hello everyone - clearly keeping a regular blog is something that I am not the most successful at because life keeps getting in the way. No excuses, I simply need to get myself together. 

Louise Parker is a really beautiful model who has graced high fashion runways, ready to wear and fashion editorials - but the reason she is one of my favourite models is because of the photographs she takes of her fellow models. 

Louise Parker photographed by Andrew Yee for How To Spend It ‘Space to Roam’ (November 2013)

The photos Louise takes are beautiful and true renditions of the busy life of a model, which face it, everyone dreams of occasionally from the travel, the beautiful clothes and (in my case) the height

Look at some of her beautiful photos under the cut and envy the model high life. 

Are you dying with envy? I am. 

As always, remember: 
Fashion is a weapon, use it strategically 

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