Monday, June 30, 2014

EDITORIAL: Cara Delevinge & Tom Hiddleston for US Vogue

There are two things I particular love in a fashion editorial: movement and a story. This editorial is one of my favourites (even though it doesn't have movement) because it has a fun and playful story. And beautiful colours. And Cara (who I love) and even more importantly Tom Hiddleston who in my opinion is sex on a stick.


Photos by Peter Lindbergh
Styling by Tonne Goodman
Seen in Vogue US May 2013

I love the bedraggled look of this photo. I think the pearls are trying a little too hard to convince us that tough girl Cara is soft and delicate but they are an interesting touch. I love how even through pictures Cara somehow manages to look strong and intense just through the power of her eyes. 

I love the story that goes along with this, even though it seems to be written by a horrible fan fiction author, it is a cute idea and really simple in carrying us along this editorial that feels more like a story with photos than the usual editorials in Vogue

I love the above photo so much. Not so much because of Cara, who does her best to look fragile, but because of Tom who looks intent and strong. The look in his eyes says "I'm going to protect my woman!" sort of thing and I have to admit it is incredibly sexy. 

I love this last picture. It has the whole 'strong woman on my own' sort of message. Plus I want her coat, dress and shoes so that only makes me love it more!

Fashion is a weapon, use it creatively

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  1. Кара одна из самых моих любимых моделей , я ее люблю . Том просто красавец :)


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