Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Into the fabulous days

Isn't that an amazing title for a fashion editorial?
I mean, isn't that the most perfect summary of the essence of fashion? You don't buy clothes with the intention to look anything less than fabulous so when you head out with a killer new outfit "into the fabulous days" is the perfect statement.

This editorial also features the lovely Louise Parker, soft lighting and killer eyeliner.

It was featured in Spur Magazine Sept. 2014.
Photos: Amanda Pratt
Model: Louise Parker
Stylist: Teruyo Mori
Hair: Andre Cueto-Saavedra 
Makeup: Courtney Perkins

Rest below the cut. 

I am obsessed with this jacket. 
I want it!

There is also something about this image that I love as well. I don't know, the down turned glance which is so demure against the juxtaposition of the super slick and masculinity of the jacket - I don't want this one, but I do love the photo. 

I can't tell if this dress is brown or black. Either way...do not love. 

Can I get away with eyeliner like this? 

Movement. Love
Also - the shoes!! 

As always, remember: 
Fashion is a weapon, use it without fear. 

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